• Earn A Passive Income, Remotely

  • Get The Work Experience You Want

  • Enhance Your CV With References


“The training was easy to understand and ensured I was able to source qualified leads and get the ball rolling”


“I get to be my own boss and plan around my studies and social life - 2 hours work a day means money in the bank!”


“This is the easiest R2 000 I have ever made! ”


  • How long will it take to start earning?
    Once training has been completed you can hit the ground running. As soon as the approved offer goes live and starts selling, you start earning.
  • How long will it take to review my application?
    You will be notified of the outcome of your application within 48 hours of your submission being received.
  • What sort of training will I get?
    Your personalised dashboard includes a library of training resources to kickstart your earnings journey. Online workshops and coaching sessions will also be made available to you.
  • Are there incentives or bonuses?
    Yes - we love rewarding excellence!
  • How will I track my earnings?
    Approved offers and sales figures will automatically update on your dashboard, ensuring you can check the status of your submitted offers, 24/7

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