No out of pocket expenses to worry about. At Daddy’s Deals, you get revenue and growth, not an invoice.
  • No Upfront
    At Daddy’s Deals we don’t bill you to run a deal. Instead we leverage your time, services or product to get foot traffic through your door
  • Custom
    Design a campaign/promotion of your choice to be marketed through our channels and promote your brand story with custom content.
  • Measurable
    Our campaigns provide measurable results in the form of prepaid customers. We also provide insights after the campaign to help you understand how it performed.
  • Distressed
    Strategically launch an offer to sell distressed stock. If you provide a service, you can improve revenue management by filling capacity during non-peak times.
  • Drive Volume
    & Awareness
    Leverage our extensive digital network to drive sales and build awareness. Access thousands of customers through our website marketing and social media platforms with an option to target specific regions.
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